Thomas & Friends, as a Video Editor

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A commentary on Thomas the Tank Engine and the incredible production process that went into making such a show at a time when digital video didn't exist. We discuss the role of the video editor and how it has evolved as the capability of editing software evolved.

While all of this is going on, I play with toy trains in a basement; or, as some may put it, create art. After all, that's how Thomas was made.



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Some sources:

n-depth BTS article on the creation of Thomas & Friends:

70 Years of Friendship, Thomas & Friends Documentary:

BTS at Sesame Street's studio:

The repressive soul of Thomas & Friends (this one isn't a source, but was such a fascinating lens to look at the series with that I had to share):


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Correction: In the credits, Disney is credited for Stephen Universe; this should be Cartoon Network.


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