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 #306398  by Tail  Sat Jul 04, 2015 2:07 am
The amount of interest shown here (and in a Skype chat) is promising. I won't be starting on the RP soon, since I have the anime nomination rankings topic and demanding work to do as well, not to mention preparing the RP story and harem character (who won't be the generic kind, I assure you).

Look forward to it, though!
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 #311415  by Tail  Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:41 pm
Just an update that I haven't forgotten about the harem RP! Though it'd be early next year probably. The plot has a significant portion dedicated to stuff that happens before and outside the actual RP, and I really want to write those well before planning for the actual RP.
 #316129  by Tutan  Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:40 am
See Rawling wrote:I have something epic in mind.


...Is there anybody out there??? Has the board gone deserted?
Epic usually translates to "it will die out before it's truly started"

But I'd prolly join in for shits and giggles depending on what's what
 #316133  by Blastboxer22  Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:08 am
I'm usually up for things, even if they die out! The RPs of yours that I've joined tend to be a lot of fun while they last, Crawling, like that treasure hunt thing.
 #316140  by See Rawling  Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:56 pm
I'm well aware of my failure with the Treasure Hunting RP, and I've decided there's only one way to redeem myself...


Local Residents share fears and worries over the most recent developments

"Does Isle Delfino even have a Navy? I didn't know." - Everyday Shopper
"What's a Sprixie?" - Jenkins, Who Lives Alone
"This won't hurt business, will it?" - Small Quaint Business Owner
"Are you with the army?...I mean, GLORY TO KING BOWSER!" - Patriotic Citizen
"Sure, I enlisted. I get forty coins AND a free vacation to exotic places!" - Clueless Soldier

The End of Peace
By Krug Manshell, Chief Editor

With the recent revelation of Dire Dire Dock's invasion, it is now apparent to us all that this conflict has spun out of control, from merely stopping the great Empire to our east into a massive war involving all Great Powers. This is an end to the years of uncertain relaxation for us in tiny Bob-Omb's Cove. Soon our young men will man the Bubble Cannons and board whatever creaky galleons we can muster. However, in a way this folly was inevitable. How could we expect old King Bowser to let his dominion slip peacefully, and who honestly believed Isle Delfino could get rich without getting bold? Nonetheless, this now sends us into a two-pronged war, with budding coalitions and untested alliances that surely spell disaster. I expect the mercenaries and adventurers flooding our great capital are here to stay. If diplomacy will not keep the Rogues at bay, then overtures to the Mushroom Kingdom will similarly be fruitless. I take this moment to point out I was the first to write, in this very paper, how the signing of the Darkland Pact would lead to such an outcome, and now I think it appropriate to say 'I told you so' and condemn our tyrannical---

The rest of the pamphlet has been ripped off

It's War! I've long thought the lack of a shared 'canon' in the RP Board can be blamed for the sparsity of character-character interaction. This is my attempt to set some dynamic event to link all of our characters, and make it easier to connect and RP in a shared universe. How it works is this: I will host a series of Quests (and I do mean QUESTS. They're going to be very short!) with a tag indicating that they take place with this Great War as a background event. Every character that signs up for these Quests will pick a 'faction' (or none at all) at the start, either publicly or privately with me (I dunno which yet). Although the Quest will have its own story, characters affiliated with factions will get secret objectives from me by PM. These will usually be small things, such as letting a certain person go in the middle of a fight or getting a certain item. Completing these nets a faction points. I'll keep a secret tally of them, and the concentration of faction points will ultimately affect the epilogue of the Quests, but more importantly the war going on in the background! I'll periodically change the map (ignore the crappily-drawn parts of it btw) and write about events to reflect this. No, the Quests won't always be about fighting and action.

The factions are combined into various coalitions, which means some secret objectives will overlap...but not all...
What are the factions, though?


Koopa Kingdom: The once-great monarchy has gone into decline, losing much territory to independence movements and in danger of being overshadowed by the upstart Kathunk Empire. However, King Bowser refuses to let his proud nation fade away, and arguably turned the War Great by using his still-mighty army in a surprise attack against Isle Delfino. This invoked the ire of the Grand Sprixie Duchy and Roguesport, declaring war in kind, and also dragged the Bob-Omb Kingdom into battle. Lacking access to the eastern coast, though, it instead dominates the Dry Dry Desert and relies on an uneasy ally...
The Bob-Omb Republic: Plans to turn the erstwhile Kingdom into a constitutional monarchy have been shelved, as King Bob-Omb is forced to abide by the terms of the deal it signed with its former enemy and colonizer, the Koopa Kingdom. Together, the two make up the Darkland Pact, and now are locked into struggle against opposing forces. Forces such as Isle Delfino, the Kathunk Empire, and the Grand Sprixie Duchy...all of which surround the small modest republic! With a little ingenuity, the Navy and Foreign Legion may pull through, but the threat of spies in the capital of Bob-Omb's Cove remains all too high.


Roguesport:Having lost their home island to the Kathunk Empire, the Mushroom Kingdom did the odd kindness of offering the exiled Rogues a home in Kutlass Pass. This details one of the more shadowy sides of the Great War. Although the Mushroom Kingdom is not formally in it, instead accruing wealth and power behind the scenes, it is undoubtedly using Roguesport, the Sprixies, and Isle Delfino as proxies, contributing tons of material support. The Rogues are OK with this, as they'll do anything to strike back at Kathunk and regain their home. With a ragtag militia sailing the high seas, the Rogues are fearless but not foolish. They see their new enemies, the Bob-Omb Republicans, and are wary of both their patrons machinations and the Sprixies' intentions...
Grand Sprixie Duchy:The full name is the Grand Duchy of the Sprixie Royalty and Sovereigns of the Sprixie Kingdom In Exile, but of course nobody wants to pronounce that. The world was confused, angered, and then bewildered when the Sprixies emerged from their world and planted a flag in what was once unclaimed territory, firmly pronouncing it to be their new home. Of course, sympathy poured their way once the Kathunk Empire came barreling out after them. From nowhere did more aid come than the Mushroom Kingdom, who seems to not mind the Sprixies steadily encroaching on other country's territory. Others, including the Rogues, wonder if the Sprixies haven't perhaps over-stayed their welcome? However, since they possess the only stronghold in the former Sprixie Kingdom capable of striking at Kathunk's home, they must be tolerated. For now.
Isle Delfino: The Pretty Serene Republic of Isle Delfino was just as caught off-guard as the rest of the world when the Bob-omb Kingdom's war of independence turned the dolphin-shaped island into a trading powerhouse, connecting suddenly every new and old country by commerce. Rich, influential, the Isle eventually managed to buy Dire Dire Docks, turning it into a mainland power as well. Having money does not translate to might, though, as the merchant/tourist destination learned from the Kathunk Empire's blitz onto the scene. Now embroiled in a naval war it did not expect, the opportunism of the Koopa Kingdom to its west has dug it further into a massive conflict, and roped others in as well. Together with the Grand Sprixie Duchy and Roguesport, Isle Delfino is a part of the Triple Alliance, hapless though it may be.


The Kathunk Empire: The world was shocked when the newly re-hyphenated Dynast-King Ka-Thunk exploded onto the global stage, having built a vast empire in the otherworldly archipelago that had previously been silent. The Kathunk Empire is filled with zealots and seemingly unstoppable, storming across Roguesport and various other islands in a very short span of time. Although its appetite waned in the face of the Bob Omb Kingdom, now with the war expanding, its armada and armies have spun back into action. How did it become so powerful? At the Sprixie's expense, of course, but the Sprixies aren't saying anything else. The many races of the former Sprixie Kingdom are united behind their King, and exposing the established order to the painful reality that the status quo has suddenly shattered.

Well for the most part, that's it. I've got a couple Quests jotted down, but I'm not going to reveal them yet.
TL;DR, character sign-up sheets will have 'Faction:' in them, you put down Koopa Kingdom, Roguesport, N/A, etcetera. If you do your job well, the 'war' shifts and bragging points awarded. I'll probably make a parallel Art Board topic or a 'master' event topic to keep track of everything and provide Flavor.

Koopa Kingdom + Bobomb Republic = Darkland Pact
Isle Delfino + Sprixies + Roguesport = Triple Alliance
Kathunk Empire = Kathunk Empire

I think this'll be fun! It'll incentivize characters to meet up more and talk more often. I'm totally approving of private RPs or correspondences between characters discussing personal objectives, too, if it's decided that's in their best interest (the idea is each character is 'sympathetic' or 'affiliated' with each cause, they don't have to be an actual spy). Plus, anybody else that makes a Quest with the event tag can do so, just lemme know and I'll figure out faction points. Let's make a Rogue's Gallery! Let's make a canon!

A note about the map: I made it quick so I didn't pay attention to resolution/size. It might take forever to load. Tell me if it does so! It's an easy fix.
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 #316149  by Blastboxer22  Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:04 pm
Count me in! Ambitious projects like this always get me pumped up, and I always appreciate more interaction in an RP!

While we have factions that it uses as proxies, I assume the Mushroom Kingdom will generally be a Ghost entity like how we treat the Mario Bros. in RPs: Referred to, but never seen directly.
 #316159  by Envy  Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:30 pm
I do love this idea! Count me in too.
 #316180  by See Rawling  Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:52 am
actually I use the new one but I kept the colored text assuming everybody else used the lighter skin

Psyched myself out there...
 #327594  by Teela Yoshi  Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:01 pm
So I'm concocting something small and casual. Something I think I can officially post in December.

I want to try my hand at another "Dice" RP. Where I come up with general branching ideas and then role dice to determine what happens in the plot. Like D&D, but obviously not D&D.

Anybody on board so far? Any intrigue at all? Or should I quit while I'm ahead? =P
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